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ROCKWOOD CLADDING is a decorative panel that combines industrial strength polyurethane with an all-weather coating. This cladding is a lightweight, hard wearing panel that replicates brick, slate or rock finishes. Not only is the ROCKWOOD cladding 100% UV resistant and water-proof, it also acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator.
ROCKWOOD cladding is fire retardant, does not melt or serve as a combustion base. It is a stable product that does not perish, resists acids, salt water and industrial gases.

The panels:

  • are UV resistant
  • are water resistant
  • insulate acoustically and thermally
  • are fire retardant
  • hand painted to create colour variations from panel to panel
  • produce unique brick, slate and stone imitations
  • are easy to handle, approximately weighing 7 kgs and measuring 1 square metre per panel


Handling and working with the ROCKWOOD cladding panels is easy. The product is light weight, solid, easy to cut and can be adapted to fit any space. The panels are cleverly designed to "key"together like a puzzle, making it easy to install. This makes it easy to fix them on the wall and can be done by one person. The clever interlocking design ensures quick 'fool-proof' installation. Once joined and acrylic sealant is applied between the panels, a quick paint touch-up ensures there are no visible joints


ROCKWOOD panels can be used both indoors and outdoors and look particularly good when used to cover country cottage walls, accenting a fireplace, al fresco areas, or revitalizing a lounge or living room, or even as a prominent feature wall in the reception to an office. ROCKWOOD cladding can be fitted over most surfaces, from Gyproc, timber, Corrugated plastics, steel or fibre-cement, brick, plaster or concrete walls. The quick, easy and clean installation advantages of ROCKWOOD make its use ideal when time-frames are short, when the use of wet-trades will jeopardize existing finishes and when budgets are stretched. The labour saving advantages of this system will certainly put a few dollars in your pocket. It is ideal to use in shops and shopping centres, where getting heavy stone products on to site is difficult and reinstating walls after the lease expires is required. It can be used in offices to assist in sound-proofing in those rooms where privacy is required, with the added benefit that it looks good whilst reflecting sound.
When working at height, the ease of use and lightweight properties of the products means lightweight scaffolding can be used, saving on hiring times with reduced health and safety issues.
ROCKWOOD also works well to cover those walls with recurring cracks, or garden walls with persistent rising damp.


The ROCKWOOD products are easy enough to use that most people with a level, screwdriver, jigsaw, drill and silicon gun can fit them. The panels are fixed to the wall with 5 screws (one on each corner and one in the middle). So on a flat wall, the average DIY enthusiast will be able to achieve perfect results. When the panels go around a corner, a bit more skill is required to mitre the corner. But don't worry, if it all sounds a little too difficult, we do offer an installation service.


PDF Downloads

Install Guide
This download contains our easy to follow install guide.
Acoustic Values
This download contains info on our product acoustic values.
Acrylic In Mould Coating
Acrylic In Mould Coating PDF download.